Electronic Scoreboards, Digital and Sports Scoreboards for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Maximise audience and competitor engagement with the ultimate in advanced electronic scoreboards. iCATCHER Signs provide digital scoreboards to suit every sporting event and facility. From ball sports, such as AFL, Soccer, Rugby League and Hockey, through the full spectrum from the genteel (lawn bowls, ballroom dancing, croquet etc) to the adrenaline-fuelled rush of polo, motor sports, equestrian, athletics and more, iCATCHER Digital Signs sets the highest standards for digital sports scoreboards in Perth.

Select from the extensive iCATCHER range of sports scoreboards suitable for school/amateur events through to the regulator-approved options for the highest levels of international competition.

Explore the Potential of Portable Electronic Scoreboards

Capturing the intensity of the big game and grabbing audience attention is easy when you upscale a sporting event with a digital scoreboard. The iCATCHER range allows you to tailor the display content according to requirements.

  • – Add scrolling messages to announce individuals and teams.
  • – Upscale sponsor engagement with targeted exposure and advertising.
  • – Enable close-up action for all spectators, no matter how far away the action is happening.
  • – Easily relocated to different locations thanks to easy portability – ideal for Perth clubs and sports teams that have multiple venues.
  • – Replay high-octane moments as often as you want with the click of mouse.


The Best Electronic, Digital & Sports Scoreboards and Displays in Perth

Up the ante with the most advanced electronic, digital and sports scoreboards for both amateur and professional Perth events. From local and school-level sports to the biggest stadium spectaculars, audiences adore the bespoke display that iCATCHER Digital Signs add to the atmosphere.

Dynamic sports scoreboards allow everyone involved to enjoy real-time updates and be perfectly primed for those nail-biting moments. Add club colours, sponsor logos, event details and anything else you require to upscale the digital scoreboard platform.

Whether it’s AFL, Rugby League, Hockey, Soccer or any other sport, our Aussie-designed and manufactured electronic, digital and sports scoreboards combine superior quality with value for money.

Check out our iCATCHING electronic, digital and sports scoreboard designs today.

Electronic Scoreboard FAQs

  • Can electronic scoreboards be used outside?
    Absolutely! iCATCHER Signs sports scoreboards are suitable for both interior and exterior use.
  • Are digital sports scoreboards a permanent structure?
    They can be if that’s what you want. But our range includes those designed to be moved to where you need them. This means you can easily transport an electronic scoreboard from your Perth home ground to anywhere else you want to create the same scoring experience.
  • Can I order a digital sports scoreboard in our team colours?
    You certainly can. Plus, you can rest assured that the colour process is designed to remain vibrant in even the harshest of lighting conditions.
  • Is an electronic scoreboard wired or wireless?
    We can cater for both needs. Many people are keen to have as few wires as possible, in which case wireless is the best scenario. Our whole range can be delivered in either wired or wireless options. If it’s wired, then trenches or cable covers will be needed to protect both the cables and those walking near them.
  • What’s the best location for an electronic scoreboard?
    While you want it to be in the place that most people are gathered, you also need to take the direction of the sun into consideration. Many a view has been scuppered by bright rays, so consider where the sun will be for the majority of the time the scoreboard will be in use.
  • What size digits are best for an electronic scoreboard?
    This depends on the size of the scoreboard and how far away it is from the crowd. Part of the iCATCHER service is to consult with you to ensure that the digits are the correct size for your Perth electronic scoreboard needs.



What’re Our Clients Say’s

We started with hiring an iCATCHER sign for our special end of season sale. It worked so well, we’ve since purchased a customised sign to keep customers coming to our store.
BRETT HOLMES - Stafford Motors
People noticed and sales increased, that’s why I bought three of them!
RAFF BARBARO - Owner Barbaro Bros Butchers
Best money we ever spent on advertising - best thing since sliced bread!
ZAC & RYAN - Kirkwood Deli
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