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Digital Safety Signs


Safety signage has a place in so many locations… From schools to offices, hospitals to pop-up music venues – every accessible location must display signs that adhere to health and safety requirements. Electronic safety signs offer the ultimate convenience. Not only can you easily change the messaging, but they’re far more eye-catching than the static equivalents.

Meet OH&S Obligations and Provide Visitors with the Ultimate Safe Experience


Customise corporate and workplace safety signs with dynamic attention-grabbing visuals.

Full content control


Electronic safety signs are easily tailored according to need. Set them to display regular safety messaging that can quickly transform to the necessary comms during times of need. Evacuation plans, flashing directional information, audio commands and more… When emergency strikes, the better the safety directions, the lower the risk….


The ease of automation


Digital safety signs are easily edited and automated as required. The perfect complement to static OH&S signage, they provide an added window of opportunity to communicate vital information. Tailor and program messages to display automatically. A classic example is an illuminated ‘slippery when wet’ display during inclement weather conditions.

Full control from your connected device


Change and edit safety messages remotely from your chosen device. PC, laptop, tablet or mobile – digital safety signs are so easy to manage. Trigger alerts for automated changes, manually alter signage as needed and stream safety messaging from saved or online content. The options are unlimited and directly at your fingertips.


The Benefits of Electronic Safety Signs


Reach employees, customers and visitors through a whole new dimension

Goes above and beyond single-dimension safety signs


The reach of electronic safety signs in combination with regulation static signage is proven to increase workplace and venue safety. Bespoke messaging can include information such as the number of days without an H&S incident or reminding employees to carry out their daily PPE checks.

Mix up the messaging for engagement


Want an innovative method of communicating related safety messaging? Digital safety signs are the perfect medium. Split screens allow you to tailor communication – the ideal way to keep everyone in the facility up to date with the latest safety statistics, upcoming fire drills, training opportunities and more.

Increase engagement across a variety of locations


Got multiple locations? No problem. Installing electronic safety signs allows you to unify the messaging, no matter how many miles separate them. Incorporate time-sensitive safety comms – even across multiple time zones. Communicate night-shift-specific information, such as the importance of breaks to remain vigilant, for example.

Investment in OH&S has a positive effect on your bottom line


Need to communicate an important message! Complement tannoy announcements with real-time digital screens. Change of timetable? No problem… After school club changed location? It’s simple to broadcast the new venue. Fire alarm or emergency? Calm the situation with instant messaging.


Enhance Safety Today with iCatcher Digital Safety Signs – Call Now for More Information


Installing electronic safety signs is the simplest way to upscale your venue’s safety efforts. In today’s landscape of information overload, the lights, dynamics and sound choices of a digital sign are a proven way to grab attention in an info-weary world.


Complement your regulation one-dimensional safety signage with their digital cousin. iCatcher Signs provides options for facilities of all sizes. Get in touch today and let’s talk…

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