Custom LED Signs

Stand out from the crowd with a custom LED sign from iCatcher Digital Signs. 

Custom LED digital signage is the ultimate way to easily communicate messages to customers and passers-by. Our signs are so easy to use. Change wording and messages with a few taps from your laptop, PC or mobile device, use the auto-change facility to flip from display to display, alternate from scrolling messages to video and images… The choice is infinite with our custom LED signs. 

The iCatcher service also includes a free qualified town planning service to ensure your new LED sign is fully council approved. 

Custom LED Signage for Any Environment 


Our cutting-edge, fully customisable LED signs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From the smallest countertop options to digital display boards for sports grounds or double-sided to grab the attention of passing traffic on both sides of the road, iCatcher fully supports your purchase or rental journey and is tailored to your requirements. 

A custom LED sign is one of the most cost-effective methods of squeezing every cent out of your marketing budget in an eye-catching and time-efficient manner. 


24/7 messaging 


Set up your messaging choices in minutes from your linked PC, laptop or device and let the sign do all the work. Change displays in real-time or use the auto-change features – words, images, emojis, video… The choice is yours with a custom LED sign. 


Immersive and interactive  


Nothing grabs attention better than digital signage. We live in an environment that’s overloaded with information. Customised LED messages effectively cut through the noise and are far more effective than static billboards and printed signage. 

Cost-effective for the long-term 


When compared to costly billboard marketing, LED digital signage is a far more effective use of marketing funds. Don’t just plan for today’s advertising drive – this is the perfect tool for tomorrow, next month, next year and beyond… 


Tailored to your requirements 


Shape, size, features, training… It’s all included. Our customised signs are simple to use and massively effective. Get your tailored message out there and noticed with the best LED digital signage in Perth and beyond. 


What are the Best Locations for LED Digital Signage? 


Custom LED signs are truly versatile. Not only can they impart pretty much any message, but they also slot easily into virtually any location. With tailored messaging, size and shape choice, minimal operational costs – plus the ability to change and program as you wish – they integrate into virtually every imaginable location. 


Services, coffee mornings, festivities, celebrations… Spread the joy 24/7 with tailored messaging that’s welcoming and attention-grabbing. Add personality to your messages in a way that’s tailored to your community. 


From important announcements to interactive learning, educational facilities are a prime example of where custom LED signs are a vital school tool. Easily impart personalised messages to students, staff and parents with just a few keyboard taps… 



Digital LED signage is one of the most cost-effective ways of driving the sales curve in a positive direction. Easily change your message to promote offers, showcase new products and upsell at the point of sale.  


Get the word out to regulars and potential customers about your products, menu, events, facilities and more. Inside or out, a custom LED sign allows you to change the message as required and do so 24/7. 


Small or large, a custom LED sign is the ultimate way to communicate with players, spectators and more. From showcasing scores to advertising sponsor messages, a one-off purchase or rental offers true longevity and incredible value for money. 



Tailor your LED digital sign to tempt Perth customers through the door for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Exhibit the house specialties, advertise last-minute availability, promote special offers… Be as innovative with your signage as you are in the kitchen! 

Local Governments 

Versatile and effective, local governments and officials can communicate messages with LED digital signage. Perth CBD, the suburbs and the wider community can be targeted, imparting important announcements that are easily tailored to requirements. 

Safety Signs 

Safety signs must be instantly noticed – and nothing does this more effectively than an interactive, custom LED sign. A hugely versatile tool that can be tailored to display any message and easily moved to any location as required. 


Barbaro shop banner and LED sign designed by iCatcher

LED Digital Signage for Perth Businesses 

There are many reasons to invest in one or multiple custom LED signs. From the Perth CBD to outback towns, the advantages and value for money far outweigh virtually every other form of signage on the market. 

  • Eye-catching and highly visible: To both pedestrians and vehicle traffic. 
  • Time-efficient: Alter your messaging with a few taps on the keyboard. Change in real-time or set up an automatic program to switch between messages as required. 
  • Value for money: Far cheaper than billboard advertising or constantly paying for new static signage. Purchase a customisable LED sign today and it’ll still be working for you in many years’ time… 
  • Advertising 24/7: Custom LED signs constantly display your message – even when you’re sleeping! 

Important Info 

When you purchase or rent from iCatcher Digital Signs we take care of all the hard work for you. We’ll help define the correct pixel pitch for your requirements and help with any council approval that’s needed. 

Understanding pixel pitch basics 

  • Commonly referred to as P10. P6, P5, P4, etc. This describes the density of the pixels (LED clusters) on the display. 
  • The lower the pixel pitch, the closer the viewer can stand to the display. 
  • The cost of the LED display increases with the amount of LED clusters. 

Included in your LED digital signage package 

KWs: Custom LED Sign, LED Digital Signage Perth 

  • 1-5 years warranty 
  • Double-sided signage (the only provider in Perth who offers this). 
  • Video capability. 
  • Tough and durable – suitable for inside and outdoor environments. 
  • Simple to use software with Wi-Fi capability. 
  • Full training and iCatcher customer support. 

Heading Title

Our range starts from the smallest countertop signs through to the largest of display options for stadiums and arena. When we say custom LED signs, we really do mean it…

No problem… We serve the whole of Western Australia.

Yes, you can. It’s the perfect solution if your advertising needs fluctuate throughout the day. For example, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and needs to showcase different menu options.

No, thanks to our energy-efficient displays that use minimal electricity.

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