Sports Signage

Digital Signage for Sports Facilities


Stadiums, arenas, leisure centres, gyms, spas… The breadth of sports facilities is enormous – and all of them can benefit from installing digital signs that are simple to tailor to requirements. From waymarking to scoreboards, advertising to ticketing – and everything in between – it’s time to embrace the many advantages of sports digital signage.

Sports Digital Signage is the Ultimate Medium for Customer & Crowd Engagement


Cut through the noise, grab attention and elevate the experience with customisable and dynamic digital signs.

Enhanced engagement


Tailored content captures attention and delivers messages that keep viewers interested. Whether it’s on-pitch action, a digital exercise class, promotional offers, social media feed, full-motion adverts or anything else, digital signs in a sporting venue take communication to a whole new level.


Simple and quick to update


An intuitive dashboard accessed via a device of your choice not only allows you to edit content on-the-fly, but you can also automate the process as much or as little as you like. Remote configuration is so easy, allowing you to transform your sports digital signage in just a few clicks…

Increase your commercial revenue


Combine venue information with relevant promotions and advertising. Unlike boring, static signs that are seen once and ignored, the lights, movements, colour and even sound of digital signs play a pivotal advertising role. The ROI with sports digital signage far exceeds that of its poorer, one-dimensional poster cousin…

Sustainable and relevant


The dynamics and full customisation options of sports digital signage play a significant role in upgrading your facility to a sustainable blueprint. Alter information with a few clicks, rather than having to waste valuable resources by the constant printing and re-printing of traditional signs every time there’s a change.


The Benefits of Sports Digital Signage


Moving to a digital footprint has a positive impact on all elements of a sporting facility

Makes every marketing dollar count


There’s simply no comparison between digital signage and traditional print. An attention-grabbing, fully customisable digital sign offers a significantly higher ROI. Whether advertising a spa membership package, promoting school holiday swim sessions or catering for the largest sports crowd, digital dollars undoubtedly work the hardest.

An upgraded player and spectator experience


Immersive digital content enhances the enjoyment of all who see it. From the sports fan at the back of the stadium who gets to see the replay close-up to the player who glances up at the timer to see if they’ve got enough time for a final try, digital is king when it comes to sports facility display.

Remote operation 24/7


Easily change the content of your sports digital signage from any location. Connect to your intuitive sign interface via phone, tablet, laptop or PC…. Make real-time adjustments or pre-program relevant content and then automate the process. Communicating with your target audience has never been so easy.

A single outgoing for ever-evolving comms


Sports signage needs change over time. What’s relevant today might not be right next year, month – or even tomorrow! Upgrading to digital removes this issue entirely. From advertising to waymarking, recruitment to customer comms, get the message in front of the right eyes with a few simple clicks…


Get the Best Advice About Sports Digital Signage from iCatcher – a Leading Australian Provider


No matter the size or type of sports venue, one or multiple digital signs will unlock communication, advertising and engagement opportunities that benefit every level of the business.

Isn’t it time you upgraded to digital signage for a digital world? Contact iCatcher Digital Signs today and discover the many facets of digital signs for every sports facility.

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