Outdoor Signs

Outdoor LED signs that are made to be noticed!

Outdoor digital signage is the ultimate attention-grabbing medium. Durable, immersive and so simple to use… With dynamic capability to change your message as often as you like, our council-approved outdoor LED displays offer cutting-edge technology to effectively impart your message like no other signage can…

Bring your comms to life with colour, scrolling displays, video, images, wording and more with iCatcher outdoor signs.

Made for the Outdoors… Designed to be Seen

Traditional printed signage isn’t just old hat – it has next to no impact appeal. Enter the world of outdoor digital signage and truly stand out from the crowd. Our LED displays are simple to use – and we’re the only Perth provider to offer double-sided options, allowing you to grab the attention of passing traffic on both sides of the road…

Cost-effective, cutting-edge and wholly customisable, outdoor LED display signs represent the best ROI for your advertising dollars.

24/7 advertising

Marketing while you sleep…! Programmable LED signage yells out your message whenever and wherever you want it to. Set it to auto-change or alter in real-time from your linked PC or device. Advertising 2.0 has arrived and is waiting for you to jump on board…

Dynamic and high impact

Grab the attention of both your existing and your competitors’ customers with innovative, immersive advertising. Forget ‘read it once and forget it’ printed signs… Outdoor LED displays can be changed at the touch of a button – and it won’t cost you a penny…!

Cost-effective for today, tomorrow and the future

Purchase or rent an outdoor LED sign today and it’ll still be working for you in many years’ time. With unlimited update options, you can forget wasted advertising dollars – this is the ultimate forward-planning marketing model for every size of business or organisation.

Adaptable and tailored to your needs

Tailored, immersive and individual communication is key to today’s effective marketing. This is the perfect medium in an information-busy world – immersive and dynamic, outdoor digital signage cuts through the noise and gets your message noticed.

Recommended Locations for Outdoor LED Signs

Mounted on the outside of your business… Free-standing… Even on the top of a vehicle… The options are endless and diverse. Tailor your messaging, utilise video, animation, words images or any kind of visuals – plus update at any time you choose and auto-program as required.


Speaking to your community gets a whole lot easier with an outdoor LED display. From advertising events to welcoming newcomers or promoting seasonal messages, tailor your comms for maximum interaction.


Shout out to students, staff and parents in a manner that gets noticed! Educational facilities can take full advantage of outdoor signage – let your imagination run wild with wholly customisable options and program it to run and change as required.



Put your creative juices to work with the ultimate customer engagement tool. Outdoor digital signage attracts new and existing customers, improves retention and increases impulse purchases.


Speak to your regulars and potential customers without saying a word! Outdoor digital signage markets your venue 24/7, advertises events and promos, as well as allowing your pubs character to shine through with innovative and infinite marketing genius.


Sports facilities and clubs can maximise the customer, player and sponsor experience with outdoor LED displays. Bring the action up close with interactive scoreboards, video, animation and more. The perfect solution for venues of all sizes.



From drive-thru ordering to showcasing the dish of the day, tempt diners through your door with special offers, delectable dishes and characterful advertising that’s only limited by your imagination. Dining marketing made easy – and it spreads the message 24/7.

Local Governments 

Drive efficiency and improved public communication with attention-grabbing outdoor digital signage. Reduce printing needs, increase engagement and tailor your messages to the wider community with innovative wording and interactive displays.

Safety Signs 

An outdoor LED display is the ideal medium for safety signs. Eye-catching and commanding instant attention, this versatile tool can be customised as needed, altered in real time and is one of the most proven and effective methods of keeping the public safe.

Reasons to Invest in Outdoor LED Signs

When it comes to value per marketing dollar, no other signage can compete with the power of fully customisable outdoor LED signs.

  • Dynamic, interactive and tailored to your business: Design, alter, and tweak as you choose… Whenever you choose…
  • 24/7 marketing: Even while you sleep. Pre-program your messages to change at the required time – and let the display do your work for you…
  • Quick, easy & convenient: Simple to use. Connect via a PC, laptop or mobile device and set programs or change messages in real time.
  • Future-proof marketing: Forget those wooden dollars spent on printed signs or billboards – outdoor digital signage offers an infinite method of advertising. A single purchase or rental will continue to be in use years from now.
  • Double-sided LED signs: Capture attention from both sides of the road – we’re the only provider in Perth who offers this.

Important Info 

Whether you purchase or rent, iCatcher Digital Signs support every aspect of your outdoor digital signage journey. From defining the size, shape, pixel pitch and design, through to advice on getting any council approval, we’ll take care of it all. We’re here to sweat the small (and big) stuff, so you don’t have to…

Understanding pixel pitch basics 

  • Pixel pitch describes how dense the display of pixels on the display. They’re referred to in numbers, such as P10, P6, P5, P4 etc.
  • In short, the lower the number, the closer the viewer can be to the display.
  • The cost of a display increases in conjunction with the amount of pixels.

Included in your LED digital signage package 

KWs: Outdoor Signs, Outdoor LED Signs, Outdoor LED Display, Outdoor Digital Signage Double-sided signage if required.

  • Extended warranty (up to 5 years)
  • Full video capabilities.
  • Wi-Fi connection and easy to use software.
  • Durable and tough – designed for the harsh Aussie climate.

No, they’re not. We use the latest technology and energy-efficient models to ensure low usage. This also makes them environmentally sound – especially as, when your display needs change, you simply alter it with a few keyboard taps (unlike printed matter that inevitably goes to landfill).

They sure are… Sun, wind, rain – even frost (if you’re located in higher regions) – our outdoor digital signage is designed to last.

This depends on many factors. But don’t worry, every hire or purchase includes determining the optimal size and shape for your needs.

Yes, it is. We’ve designed our software to be wholly user-friendly and quick to use.

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