Indoor Signs

Stand out from the crowd with an Indoor Design from iCatcher Digital Signs. 

Upgrade advertising and communication with top-quality, value-for-money indoor LED signs from iCatcher Digital Signs.

Indoor LED displays are the ideal medium to push marketing messages, information, directions and more to everyone in the vicinity. Innovative, eye-catching digital data that grabs attention – plus easy customisation that you can change at any time you like!

Indoor LED Displays for Any Interior Environment

Indoor LED signs integrate perfectly into any retail, office, hospitality, sports club, educational or other business environment – and can be tailored to fit any space, large or small.

Cost-effective, fully customisable and provides an infinite array of dynamic, interactive and entertaining displays to upgrade engagement and the customer experience.

Hassle-free displays

Indoor LED displays can be pre-programmed to change or altered in real-time at the touch of a keyboard. Full control at your fingertips via PC, laptop or connected device. Last-minute deals…emergency messages… Attention-grabbing displays whenever you need them.


Dynamic creativity

A static sign can be as creative as you like – but read it once and it loses impact. Indoor LED displays offer limitless scope for innovation. Words, images, videos, emojis… An iCatcher sign provides the perfect platform for the fastest-moving marketplaces.


Squeeze every cent out of your marketing budget

Advertising dollars must work as hard as possible, and our customisable indoor LED signs offer the ultimate reach-per-cent. Instantly grab audience attention with vibrant still or moving messages and/or graphics. The ideal medium for showcasing your business assets.

Size and shape to suit your requirements

From the smallest free-standing option to a far-reaching, large-scale indoor LED display, iCatcher will help determine the right size and type to achieve maximum impact. Full training on our simple-to-use software is included.

Where to Site Indoor LED signs?

The great thing about indoor LED displays is their versatility. With sizes and shapes to suit all needs, pretty much any organisation can take full advantage of the technology. Tailor your messages, change them as required, enjoy low operating costs… There’s a lot to love, whatever your business or group communication needs.


Religious environments are well-suited to indoor LED signs. From seasonal messages to directions – and everything in between – it’s the perfect communication medium that can be tailored to speak directly to your community.


Indoor LED displays integrate wonderfully within educational facilities. Communicate information, present to large audiences, provide directions at the start of a new intake… Engaging, dynamic, interactive and attention-grabbing in the busiest of environments.



Upscale the selling experience with easily customisable displays. From seasonal offers to end-of-line special offers – grab attention with pre-programmed and real-time changing messages. Indoor LED displays present a whole new level of customer engagement.


A pub environment is perfectly suited to indoor LED displays. Promote your latest beer… Showcase your menu… Push happy hour… Program your display to change at pre-determined times or alter it in real-time – the choice is yours.


From an indoor scoreboard to advertising your newest hot yoga class, sports facilities gain so much benefit from headline-grabbing LED displays. Get personal with interactive classes, give great sponsor exposure or cheer on the home team… The possibilities are endless…



Food outlets and indoor LED displays are the perfect match! Showcase your dish of the day, bring attention to upcoming special deals and events, advertise loyalty incentives… Ever-changing options allow you to add character and personality to your venue.

Local Governments 

Local government offices and facilities can easily enhance public communication with indoor LED displays. From small, countertop displays to large-scale information boards, fully customisable, dynamic messaging offers unbeatable value per dollar spent.

Safety Signs 

Draw attention to important safety signs with indoor LED signage. A truly versatile tool that can be customised when required and easily moved to any needed location. The ultimate way to get that crucial message across…


Reasons to Invest in Indoor LED Signs

Indoor LED displays in isolation or strategically placed around a facility offer the ultimate in passive communication. The advantages over printed signage are many, including:

  • Attention-grabbing: In a world overloaded with information, indoor LED displays draw the eye and engage attention in a way that regular, static signs simply can’t manage. 
  • Simple and quick to program: Data can be changed with a few clicks of a keyboard. Set up dynamic messaging to automatically change at pre-programmed times or tweak in real-time with your connected PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Cost-effective: Offers dramatically better value for money than regular static signage. Purchasing or renting one or more indoor LED signs today and it’ll still be working for you in years to come…
  • Creativity is limitless: Indoor LED displays can be as individual as you choose. Communicate the character of your business or organisation with innovative use of words, video, colours, emojis and more.

Important Info 

Every purchase or rental from iCatcher Digital Signs comes with all the essentials you need for the perfect installation. From council approval to selecting the size of display and pixel pitch – we’ve got you covered….

Understanding pixel pitch basics 

  • Pixel pitch describes the density of the pixels that are displayed on the screen.
  • These are usually defined as P10, P6. P5, P4 etc. The lower the number, the closer you can stand to the display and still get a great view.
  • The higher the pixel pitch, the higher the cost of the LED display.

Included in your LED digital signage package 

KWs: Indoor LED Signs, Indoor LED Displays 

  • Full warranty ranging from 1-5 years.
  • Full video capability.
  • User-friendly software with Wi-Fi capability.
  • Full training and customer support.
  • Double-sided signage if required – we’re the only provider in Perth that offers this function.

Heading Title

Don’t worry… Every rental or purchase from iCatcher Digital Signs includes determining the exact best size and shape for your targeted use.

We certainly do. You can hire from as little as a few hours up to weeks, months, or even years.

No, not at all. All iCatcher Digital Signs use the latest low-energy technology to ensure they represent value for money and a low carbon footprint.

Very easy… Simply use your connected device and our bespoke software to change text, add images, video and program as required. It’s all very user-friendly…

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