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Perth’s leading supplier of mobile LED sign rental.

Portable LED signs offer the most versatile, cost-effective method of advertising and message communication to everyone in the vicinity. iCatcher’s simple to use signs allow you to tailor wording, layout, images and video as required with just a few clicks. Rent our mobile LED signs for any period – from a few hours to days, weeks, months – even years!

Program your signs to flip from display to display, scroll, auto-change as required… We provide full training and will also assist with any necessary planning consent.

Mobile LED Sign Rental for Any Location

Portable LED sign hire in Perth doesn’t get much better than this! With a full range of customisable electronic signs suitable for both inside and outside locations, we’re also the only supplier in the area to offer double-sided LED sign options. Add smaller signs inside your premises to advertise and upsell at the point of sale. Use larger signs outside to impart important messages and advertise 24/7.

Hiring an iCatcher LED sign is a cost-effective method of transmitting any message to the widest audience, grabbing far more attention than printed posters or billboard advertising.

24/7/365 messaging

Define your messaging options in minutes from your PC, laptop or connected device. Edit messages in real-time, program changes as desired and make the most use of text, images, video and lighting. Cutting-edge, user-friendly tech at your fingertips.

Interactive and engaging

Digital LED signage attracts attention like nothing else. In our information-overloaded world, a mobile LED sign rental will upgrade your advertising/messaging efforts, cutting through the noise in a way that printed media simply can’t manage.

Portable LED sign hire in Perth is wholly cost-effective

Renting an iCatcher mobile LED sign is far more budget-friendly than printed matter. Customise messages whenever you want, move your sign to different locations, and benefit from low running costs and carbon-friendly operation.

Always bespoke – always current

Renting an LED sign means if your needs change, so can your display. From shape and size to upgrading your messaging and HD video – it’s all so easy… Interior and exterior signs designed for the Aussie climate, there’s no better method of imparting your messages.

What are the Best Locations for Portable LED Signs in Perth?

The versatility and full customisation of mobile signs means that they can be integrated into pretty much any location and for any need. From advertising to emergency messaging, traffic signage to charity events, LED signs provide the optimal method of communicating to everyone in the vicinity.


Upscale communication with your local community. From advertising services and events to individual inspirational messages that welcome all-comers, there’s no more potent, cost-effective and simple method to spread the word…


Schools and educational facilities constantly need to impart information. LED signs bring 24/7, tailored messaging. Or add interactive learning capability to classrooms and lecture halls – you have full control at your fingertips.


Shops and outlets can use the infinite options of tailored digital messaging to drive sales. Promote sales, offers and more – both inside and outside your premises. Portable LED sign capability brings maximum engagement.


Showcase your latest ales and lagers, shout out about your new menu, tell the world about special events… With bespoke messaging and HD video capability at your fingertips, pubs and establishments can tempt customers inside with targeted marketing.


Stadiums, sports clubs, fitness centres… An LED digital sign can be put to customised use, such as scoring, advertising, sponsors messages, fitness classes and more. Hire from a few hours through to months or years with iCatcher Digital Signs.


Direct your creative advertising with wording, images, emojis and video. Tempt customers to further sample your wares, show last minute availability, menu deals, offers… Put delicious dishes on show outside and inside with mobile LED sign rental.

Local Governments 

Official establishments can quickly and easily communicate important messages and announcements with our portable LED sign hire in Perth and across WA. Easily tailor the display from your connected device and change whenever required.

Safety Signs 

Instantly communicate safety messages with our mobile LED sign rental. iCatcher Digital signs can be delivered and operational within hours – and their portability makes them an essential tool for any organisation responsible for the safety of others.

LED sign board showing iCatcher on display

Portable LED Sign Hire for Perth Businesses

Hiring a digital LED sign is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising or communicating important information. As well as removing the need to pay for constantly changing printed matter, their low energy operation makes electronic signs one of the most planet-friendly options too.

  • Visible and attention-grabbing: Communicates information to everyone in the vicinity.
  • One of the cheapest forms of advertising: Gets more engagement per advertising dollar. Removes the need for constant reprinting of poster and billboard content.
  • Easy to use: Simply connect to your chosen device and program the content in a few taps.
  • Works 24/7: Even when you’re asleep! Tailor and program as required, set up messaging to change at certain times, edit in real time… The choices are infinite.

Important Info 

Mobile LED sign rental from iCatcher Digital Signs includes everything you need – from the physical size and shape to all the technical details. We’ll even help you get council approval if needed.

All about pixel pitch basics

  • Pixel pitch describes how dense the LED clusters are in the display. They’re stated in number format, such as P10, P6, P5, P4, etc.
  • The lower the P number, the closer viewers can stand to the screen.
  • Generally, the price increases with the level of pixel density.

What’s included in your mobile LED sign rental package?

  • Full-service package – including software training and customer support.
  • Double-sided signage if required – we’re the only provider in Perth who offers this facility.
  • Full HD video capability.
  • Infinite editing options via our state-of-the-art, user-friendly software system.
  • Tough, durable signs for both indoor and outdoor use – specifically designed to cope with the tough Australian climate.
FAQs – Double-Sided Hire

Heading Title

Of course – we can provide mobile LED sign rental anywhere – from the Perth CBD through to anywhere in the wider WA region.

You certainly can – we provide rental options to suit all durations. From half a day through to many years, iCatcher Digital Signs supply LED displays to suit all needs.

They sure are… The smaller, counter-top ones can be lifted and moved by hand. Larger signs have wheels or other transportation means to allow them to be easily shifted from location to location.

Yes, we do – and we’re the only company in Perth who does so.

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iCatcher Digital Signs is part of the Aristos group of companies, which includes the well-known restaurant Aristos Waterfront Bunbury and Aristos Seafood Trading.