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commitment to
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Premium quality low cost signs with after-sales service and maintenance.



If you only need a sign for a limited period, talk to iCATCHER about the best way to meet your short-term iCATCHING communication requirements.


Full Colour
& video

Full colour iCATCHER digital signs are what really make you stand out from the crowd.



iCATCHER are the experts in LED signs for Perth. Our LED scrolling displays and digital signs in Perth are very popular with retailers, stadiums and other public venues.



Local sporting clubs now enjoy the luxury of having state-of-the-art scoreboard and messaging functions, with instant updating and easy to use controls.

Welcome to iCATCHER Digital Signs

iCatcher is your one-stop shop for icatching digital led signs in perth to increase your business and engage with your community.

iCATCHER specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of premium quality LED digital signage in Perth. A leading supplier to the retail, catering, sport and educational sectors, iCATCHER offers the widest range of iCATCHING customised and pre-built products to meet the needs of every client, from the smallest corner store to the largest stadium operator.

By giving operators the means to present dynamic and relevant content, iCATCHER digital signs transform the way that businesses, clubs and institutions communicate. These real time messaging solutions deliver powerful, visually engaging experiences that capture passing traffic, create innovative in-store marketing and keep visitors and spectators informed and entertained.

iCATCHER signs – the iCATCHING way to stand out from the crowd.

Why choose us?


Custom Designed

Drive people to your store, talk directly to your customers and let the world know your business with iCATCHER signs.



Robust structures with tried and tested digital hardware and software solutions, iCATCHER signs are built to last.


Easy Finance

With iCatcher Finance, you can enjoy all the benefits of and iCATCHER sign immediately.



iCATCHER signs promote your business and event with up-to-date real time messaging that doesn’t break the bank.

Some of our partners


What do our clients have to say?

  • We started with hiring an iCATCHER sign for our special end of season sale. It worked so well, we’ve since purchased a customised sign to keep customers coming to our store.

    Brett Holmes Stafford Motors
  • People noticed and sales increased, that’s why I bought three of them!

    Raff Barbaro Owner - Barbaro Bros Butchers
  • Best money we ever spent on advertising - best thing since sliced bread!

    Zac & Ryan Kirkwood Deli


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