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Digital Signage for Pubs


Pubs and digital signage are the perfect match. From advertising events through to offers, such as happy hour, 2 for 1, cocktails, coffee mornings, food and more. Owners, landlords and managers can tailor-make messaging to suit every occasion and time of day, encouraging increased footfall and the resulting positive effect on profits.

Upgrade the Whole Customer Experience with Custom Digital Signage


Fully customisable iCatcher digital signage is the ideal medium for true customer engagement.



Increasing pub trade requires a carefully crafted, combination approach. The number one requirement is to gain attention – and there’s no better way to do this than with targeted advertising. Nothing does this more effectively than the bright lights, colours, video and images of digital signage.


Multi-faceted advertising


Mix up your messaging, gear your content to certain demographics and times of the day, surprise, delight and use creative genius to tempt customers. The beauty of digital removes the continual expense of printing and reprinting (or even the daily chalkboard drudge), saving time, money and effort…

Visualise your vibe


Your pub is individual – and you need to shout this out to the world! Both outdoor and indoor digital sign placement are valuable tools that speak to customers who already know your premises – and those who don’t… Easily promote the character of your establishment via the power of digital.

More than just food


Images of delicious dishes speak volumes – far more than a simple written chalkboard. But digital signs offer way more than simply showcasing images. Imaginative use of digital signage – using video, pictures, text, emojis, sound, colour and other headline-grabbing mediums for stratospheric-level marketing.


The Benefits of Digital Signage for Pubs


Upscale to digital signage for a focused and positive impact on customer engagement.

Maximise marketing dollars


When it comes to ROI, no other type of signage can hold a candle to digital. Static signs have their place… But hey! They simply can’t compete with the bells and whistles of an addictive digital screen. Feed your customer’s (and future customers) habit with constantly changing targeted comms.

Irresistible images


Got a delicious new dish of the day? Don’t just talk about it – show it to the world! Images are just one way that digital screens upscale your pub’s marketing efforts. Display special offers, take your slice of the café-culture market, tempt the beer lovers, wow with your wine list and loads, loads more…

Upsell opportunities


Creative use of digital screens effortlessly assists in the upselling process. Program yours to change according to the time of day, clientele base, season and more. Cross-sell without lifting a finger, subconsciously push those upsells… The benefits of digital screens go far deeper than simply imparting a message.

24/7 automation


Meticulously pre-plan sales messaging and easily program your digital sign from your computer or connected device. Once set up, simply hit go and forget about it. Your digital sign will convey your desired images, videos, text and more exactly as planned – without you lifting a finger.


Embrace the Wonder of Digital Signage for Pubs – Contact iCatcher Today


Indoor signage plays a subliminal role in upgrading the customer experience… Exterior digital signs are attention-grabbing and are proven to increase footfall.

Cutting-edge digital signage for pubs doesn’t come any better than iCatcher… Call our experienced team now to discuss your requirements.

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