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Digital Signage for Retail


Retail gets better with digital… Advertising in today’s data-overloaded world is a hard enough task in the first place, so why risk your marketing going unnoticed with static signs that are so easy to ignore? Digital signage dramatically upscales your efforts, cutting through the noise and grabbing attention like nothing else can…

Elevated Marketing Opportunities Made Simple: The Power of Digital Signage


Get the edge over your competitors with cutting-edge digital messaging.

Push those promos


Beam current promotions to customers while they browse or pass by. Light up the shopping experience with video, alternating text, colour, animations and more. Perfect for seasonal specialties, new arrivals, special offers, short-run and brand releases… Full content control at your fingertips.


Automated messaging


Set up your digital signage messages with a few simple clicks and then automate the process. The visuals change according to the programme, capturing customer attention and driving sales. Alter content in real-time remotely from your connected computer or device, whenever and wherever you like!

Get creative


Design digital advertising that’s as individual as your label. From advertising individual products to telling your brand story, digital signage in the world of retail provides an infinite opportunity to showcase what makes you stand out from your competitors. A proven method with an excellent ROI.

Elevate the experience


Shopping isn’t just about buying products – it’s enhanced by the surrounding experience. Digital signage helps upscale the often-mundane purchasing process into an event. Raise a smile, tell a story, promote the perfect lifestyle… There’s no limit to display possibilities – it’s true advertising nirvana.


The Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail


Get maximum ROI with the power of digital – a proven method of cutting-edge advertising.

Increase brand awareness


Brand awareness is as important to a single retail outlet as it is to an uber-corporation. Visual content is a powerful advertising tool. Whether its scrolling text, video, images, sounds, or a combo of advanced tech that brings an interactive experience – when you think branding – you gotta think digital…

Advertise 24/7


Potential customers don’t only view signage during retail hours. Carefully placed digital billboards promote your brand and products day and night. From outdoor digital signage to shop display placement, you can automate advertising messages to work every minute – even when you’re asleep.

Challenge the status quo


Successful advertising in the crowded retail market equals thinking outside the box. Digital retail signage allows you to rise above regular marketing streams, personalising the experience so people stop and take notice. And as every marketing pro knows – once achieved, that’s half the battle won…

Mix up the messages


Static signage is, in a word, pretty dull. However inventive, it’s a ‘see it once and ignore’ process. Digital signs turn this on its head, creating targeted advertising that can flip to new and attention-grabbing messaging as often as you like. From video to text, emojis to cutting-edge interaction – the decision is yours…


Discover the True Power of Digital Signage for Retail – Contact iCatcher Signs Today


Retail advertising in today’s marketplace requires constant reinvention. Digital signs bring this ability – with infinite possibilities at your fingertips. The only limit is your creative imagination. Take your retail marketing to the next level with cutting-edge digital signs.

Get in contact today and let’s talk the best digital signage for retail. Perth-based, WA or across Australia, we’re the go-to supplier for the ultimate in screen technology…

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