Double-Sided Hire

ICatcher Digital Signs – the only provider of double-sided portable electronic signs in Perth.

Electronic signs aren’t only eye-catching, they’re the most versatile method of communicating information to everyone in the vicinity. Double-sided electronic signs have double the impact, presenting your messages to wheeled and pedestrian traffic coming from any direction. Tailor wording and images as you require, set up auto-change, choose scrolling messages, pictures or whatever you need – all with a few clicks from your connected device.

We’ll also assist with any town planning necessary to ensure your portable electronic sign complies with all local council requirements.

Customised Electronic Road Sign Hire

iCatcher portable electronic signs are wholly customisable, making them suitable for any informational or advertising needs. From temporary road signs to advertising an upcoming event or sale, our bespoke signs can be programmed to display text, picture and video infographics – and altered as required. Double-sided signs for either hire or purchase bring an even higher level of engagement and interaction.

Whether you need a sign for marketing, safety or any other reason, nothing is easier to use or offers better value for money than our robust LED signs.

Real-time messaging

Transmit your messages 24/7 and edit as required from your linked device or PC. Set up pre-timed automation, flip from message to message, add effects, emojis, scrolling text… Total bespoke messaging control with our single and double-sided electronic road sign hire.

Attention-grabbing display

In today’s busy world, it can be challenging to break through the ‘noise’ of constant information overload. Portable electronic signs with full editing capability provide the attention-grabbing medium that attracts curiosity and commands awareness.

Cost-effective electronic road sign hire

Using portable electronic signs in Perth, the wider WA region and across Australia isn’t only a proven method of focusing interest, it’s also extremely cost-effective. Tailored messaging that can be changed at will costs far less than printing static billboards or signs.

Multiple sizes and shapes for all locations

iCatcher’s portable electronic signs come in all different shapes and sizes. Our service included determining the right choice for optimal engagement, training on the simple software and helping with any town planning requirements.

Where to Use Double-Sided Electronic Signs?

Our portable electronic signs have so many uses. From emergency road signs to advertising a one-off sale or event, you have full customisation on the content displayed. Benefit from low operational costs, user-friendly software interface and bespoke content creation – our durable, weather-proof, double-sided signs integrate into any location.


From signposting parking to spreading the word about upcoming events, services or simply displaying inspirational messages to the local community. A portable electronic sign is ideal for a one-off or seasonal hire.


Double-sided signs with attractive LED displays are the ideal medium to get the attention of even the most distracted passer-by. Use outside, inside or anywhere required – change the content at will or set up a program to auto-change as needed.


Double-sided portable electronic signs capture interest from passing traffic in either direction. Promote offers, showcase specialties, or provide direction 24/7 – far better value for money than any billboard or poster campaign.


From showcasing your beer of the month to providing directions to your premises or car park, double-sided, attention-capturing LED electronic signage is a proven method of cost-effective advertising and driving up custom.


Portable electronic signs are perfect for sports venues. Double-sided options can display different directions depending on which way your foot/wheeled traffic is travelling – perhaps directing access and egress or any other message you want to impart.


The bright lights of digital advertising work so well in a restaurant environment. Exterior placement of portable electronic signs draws Perth residents and visitors inside and Interior signs further promote menu delights and special deals.

Local Governments

Official signage when and where it’s needed. Take advantage of iCatcher’s serviced electronic road sign hire. Easily move our portable electronic signs to any Perth location as needed and signpost tailored messages as required.

Safety Signs 

Customised digital signs effectively impart safety messages that get noticed. From simple text to flashing video, emojis and scrolling words, our versatile portable electronic signs protect Perth’s community whenever and wherever they’re needed.

The Best Portable Electronic Signs in Perth

As Perth’s only provider of double-sided electronic signs to hire and purchase, iCatcher offers the widest selection of electronic signs in the region:

  • Highly visible and attention-grabbing: Digital signage is far more noticeable than any type of printed sign. Double-sided options get the attention on both sides of the road.
  • 24/7 messaging: Auto program your iCatcher digital sign to change as required during any 24-hour, daily or weekly sequence.
  • Economic: Much cheaper than constantly printing billboards or signs. Efficient to run with a low carbon footprint.
  • Bespoke messaging as required: Easily alter and program your messaging with a few keyboard taps.

Important Info 

As the area’s premier provider of electronic road sign hire or display sign purchase, you can be sure we take care of all the technical details. From ensuring the right size, shape and type of sign through to pixel pitch and helping with any necessary council approval, we’ve got your back…

Pixel pitch basics

  • Pixels describe the density of the LED clusters that are used in the display. They’re referred to by numbers, such as P10, P6, P5, P4 etc.
  • In short, the lower the P number, the closer you can stand to the sign and still get a clear view.
  • Costs increase in line with the density of the pixels.

What’s included in your iCatcher electronic sign package?

  • 1-5 years warranty (if purchasing). Full-service package if hiring.
  • Easy to use software – Wi-Fi capability.
  • High-end quality products, designed for both inside/outside use and last for multiple years.
  • Full video capability
  • Training and iCatcher customer support.
FAQs – Double-Sided Hire

Heading Title

We certainly do – and we’re the only provider in Perth to do so. You can hire or purchase both double and single-sided electronic signs from us.

As fast as you like… We understand that many situations need emergency signage ASAP, and we can offer same-day delivery in many cases. Contact our customer service team for more details.

Our smaller signs are easy to move, while larger ones have well-designed wheels and movement options that allow true portability.

You certainly can. You can also pre-program them to change as desired – for example, if traffic flow needs to alter at certain times of the day or night.

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