LED Scoreboards

Get maximum crowd-player connection with iCatcher’s range of LED scoreboards

Scoreboards are the vital link between the heart of the action and your spectators. Easily enhance communication, displaying scores and crucial messages to everyone in the vicinity.  Simple to use – with full control at your fingertips via a linked PC, laptop or mobile device. Utilise words, scrolling messages, images, videos, emojis and more – an LED scoreboard is the ultimate engagement tool…

The future of sports scoreboards has arrived with dimensions and display options to suit all budgets.

Dynamic customisation for any situation

LED scoreboards are so much more than just a way to keep score. They provide everyone with real-time information – from players and spectators to staff, sponsors, medical personnel and more. Advanced replay mode and ticker feeds increase crowd involvement. Screen next-level advertising for revenue and give sponsors maximum exposure – all via a few simple taps from your connected device.

iCatcher Pro scoreboard software includes a top-of-the-range media player, multi-sport software, full colour, graphic overlays, external device control, advertising display, tracking and more.

Automated functionality

Our LED scoreboards are fully programmable and instantly edited in seconds. Set up auto-messaging, schedule adverts to show during match breaks, display targeted sponsor messages, promote upcoming events… All in a few clicks from your connected device.

An upgraded and immersive experience

Adding an iCatcher digital sports scoreboard to any stadium or sports club venue adds instant interactivity and engagement capability. The bright lights and constantly changing/moving information grabs attention in a way static signs can never achieve.

Reap the rewards today, tomorrow and in the years to come

Make your marketing budget work as hard as possible. In comparison with expensive billboard advertising and constant poster printing, a digital scoreboard is your bespoke blank canvas that can be changed and tailored to instantly suit any messaging needs.

Shapes and sizes to suit all requirements

From smaller indoor LED scoreboards to mammoth exterior displays to grab the attention of the furthest spectators in stadiums and arenas, iCatcher’s electronic digital scoreboards are tailored to your specific needs.

Recommended Environments for Electronic Digital Scoreboards

LED scoreboards are hugely versatile. While the obvious use is for sporting events, they’re also the perfect tool for any location that hosts regular gatherings, tournaments or any type of competitive demos or exhibitions. The ability to customise the display allows an almost infinite display choice to suit all occasions.

Sports clubs 

Small or large, the ability to impart tailored information, scores, messages and more to players and spectators alike – and change them in just a few clicks – doesn’t just upgrade communication, it elevates the whole club experience.


The use of an electronic digital scoreboard in any educational institution provides unlimited scope, not only for sporting events but also for any occasion where information needs to be displayed to multiple viewers.


Stadiums and arenas

One or more large sports scoreboards are the ultimate way to increase spectator engagement and upscale the event/tournament/match experience. Real-time scoring, sponsor messages, crowd participation… You’re in control at the touch of a button…

TV and media locations

The public adoration of competitive reality TV and online content – with both on-site and remote audience participation – is a prime location for a bespoke digital scoreboard/LED display. Scores, adverts, voting, messages… All easily tailored to your needs.

Field and track events

A high-profile LED scoreboard is the perfect method of providing competitors and spectators with an overview of the action. From countdowns to time-elapsed, leader boards and winner announcements, it’s the ultimate versatile communication tool.


Charity walks, runs and ultra-marathons

The exponential growth of charity events across the country calls for the bespoke use of sports scoreboards. iCatcher digital displays can screen all the important info, including start times, adverts, warm-up videos, and so much more…

Rugby and football tournaments

From school playoffs to the greatest challenges between international giants, an LED scoreboard provides all the essential information to everyone in the vicinity. Enjoy infinite information changes and live scoring – all from fingertip control.

Horse racing

Enhance the roar of the race atmosphere and beam the heart of the action to spectators near and far. Display racing odds, live video action, results, sponsor adverts and more with iCatcher’s weatherproof electronic digital scoreboards.

Motor racing and moto events

Reach over the roar of engines by displaying real-time info via an LED scoreboard. With auto-play options and programmable messaging abilities, it’s the ultimate communication tool to increase spectator engagement.

Rent, Hire or Buy – Electronic Digital Scoreboards for Clubs and Stadiums

In a world of information overload, the use of LED scoreboards is a proven method of grabbing attention and increasing the immersive experience of everyone in the vicinity. The advantage of hiring or buying an electronic sports scoreboard goes so much further than simply displaying the numbers:

  • Increases player and spectator engagement: Highly visible and keeps everyone on point and included in the action.
  • Make your dollars work harder: Whatever your budget, the value for money per cent of digital signage far outweighs that of pre-printed or manual displays. Hire for a one-off event or take full advantage of a purchase that can be tailored to requirements in the months and years to come.
  • Easy to use: Simply connect to your chosen device and choose to edit scoreboard messages in real-time or pre-program to run automatically.
  • Stream advertising revenue: From sponsor messages to paid-for advertising, both small and large clubs can create a marketing income that runs alongside the scoring display.

Important Info 

When it comes to the technical details, iCatcher Digital Signs works with you to define the right product for your requirements. From selecting the right size and shape to the correct pixel pitch – plus helping with council approval if it’s needed – every hire or purchase comes with a full support package.

Pixel pitch basics

  • Pixels refer to the density of the lights in the LED clusters that create the display. They’re commonly referred to as P10, P6, P5, P4 etc.
  • In short, the lower the P number, the closer the viewer can stand and still get a clear view of the display.
  • The cost of an LED scoreboard or any digital display increases with the number of LED clusters.

All iCatcher Electronic Digital Scoreboard Purchases include:

KWs: Indoor LED Signs, Indoor LED Displays 

  • Full warranty (from 1-5 years).
  • Indoor and outdoor capabilities – built specifically for durability in the tough Australian climate.
  • Full video capability.
  • Easy set-up and simple-to-operate software.
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Double-sided signage option (we’re the only provider in Perth to offer this)
  • Comprehensive training and robust customer support.
FAQs – LED Scoreboard

Heading Title

We provide LED scoreboards in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This allows us to define the right sports scoreboard for any situation.

Absolutely! We’ve designed our sports scoreboards to be simple to use and offer an intuitive interface. Simply connect it to a device (or devices) of your choice and you can tailor the display to your requirements.

Our expert team will work with you to define the right shape, size and pixel needs for your needs.

Yes, they certainly can. All of our LED digital scoreboards and displays come with full video capabilities.

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