School Signage

Digital Signage for Schools


Educational facilities of all shapes and sizes can upscale pupil, educator, parent and visitor communication with dynamic digital signage. From important announcements to interactive learning, digital signage is the ideal upgrade that grabs attention, no matter how busy or distracted your audience might be.

Messaging and Comms Gets a Whole Lot Easier with Digital Custom School Signs


Digital signage is the perfect comms medium in a fast-paced learning environment.

Supports staff & students


Break through boundaries with simple-to-use, digital display. Communicating with staff, students, teachers and parents – cutting-edge tech brings new a dynamic to education, learning and the complete facility experience. In a world of information overload, digital signage cuts through the noise.


Real-time messaging


Digital signage can be changed in real-time, programmed to change as directed, or simply replay a single message. Schools and educational facilities rely on the art of communication – and one or multiple state-of-the-art digital screens are the perfect complementary tool within a fast-paced environment.

Directional ease


Certain times of year, such as the start of a new term, seasonal events and examinations, bring heightened challenges. Dynamic directions via indoor and outdoor digital screens can ease tensions, helping remove unnecessary difficulties – especially in large or complex environments.

Attention please!


Today’s students have so much information to deal with. No signage demands attention so dramatically as a digital screen. The use of bright lights, colour, video, scrolling/changing text, images and other cutting-edge display is the ultimate method of imparting information in our data-overloaded world…


The Benefits of Custom School Signs


Digital signage in educational facilities provides an incredible return on investment.

Multi-functional use


Using digital signs in schools brings so many possibilities. Interactive learning, increased student engagement, content management, digital signage, facility information… The breadth of use is almost unlimited. Implement inside and outside as necessary – with portable options to move as required.

Easy content management


Once connected to a computer or chosen device, changing and editing the screen messages is simple. With a few keyboard taps you can programme or re-programme, alter at will, pause, start, stop… Designed with an intuitive software interface, digital signs of all sizes are the perfect educational tool.

Automate as needed


Set up your programme/s in advance and allow the technology to change as desired. From morning announcements to lunchtime directions, after-school information to parent-teacher evening signposts, digital signage is easily integrated into even the busiest of school environments.

Real-time messaging


Need to communicate an important message! Complement tannoy announcements with real-time digital screens. Change of timetable? No problem… After school club changed location? It’s simple to broadcast the new venue. Fire alarm or emergency? Calm the situation with instant messaging.


Future-proof Communication with Cutting Edge Digital Signage for Schools


Schools and educational facilities present a challenging communication environment.  Digital signage slots perfectly into the mix, working seamlessly with pre-existing comms methods. ICatcher Digital Signs uses the very latest cutting-edge technology and our expert team will create a tailor-made solution.

Ready to find out how a digital screen could upgrade your facility? Contact our friendly team today for a no-obligation discussion.

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