10 Ways To Use Digital Signage

10 Ways To Use Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to attract customers to your business. Unlike more traditional styles of signage where you are limited to one message per sign, digital signage allows you to push out your message in various ways, targeting different audiences without the cost of purchasing multiple static signage. Our brains tend to process visual messages better than text-based messages, and digital signage allows customers to consume more branding and marketing messages in less time.

Digital Sign Useage

  1. Capture foot traffic

If you get a lot of foot traffic passing your business, digital signage is a great way to attract them. Advertising not only your business products or services, but sales and specials, quick videos showing your product at work, or even just entertaining messages, digital signage is a must. If you’ve ever paid money for billboard advertising or have a static sign at the front of your building, utilise the power of digital signage.

  1. Welcome clients and customers to your business

Who doesn’t like to be welcomed when they enter a business? Sometimes your staff may be on the phone or talking to other customers – a simple run of messages welcoming customers to your business can certainly help in making those customers feel appreciated and welcomed.

  1. Promote your other locations – physical & online

Have more than one physical business location? What about an online presence? Promote your other business locations or social media and website presence through digital signage. Do your customers need to go somewhere else to collect their product (a warehouse or loading dock)? A small digital sign with directions and a map can really help.

  1. Promote products and services

Digital signage is just another way to help promote your products and services. Whether you use videos showing your products at work or images showing your services, this type of signage allows you to use various visuals to get your message across.

  1. Educate on your products with videos

What better way to educate your customers and potential customers than with videos showing how your product can be used? Great for showrooms and retail stores who want to showcase various products to differing customer bases.

  1. Publish testimonials & reviews

Reviews and testimonials are one of the best ways to show potential customers how great your service or product is. Why not use digital signage to broadcast text and video-based reviews to promote your business?

  1. Entertain clients & customers

Are your clients and customers often waiting to be seen by a service provider? Digital signage gives you the opportunity to keep them entertained, making their wait seem shorter. Whether you play short videos, create your own digital TV programs, pop on the latest news or show videos that relate to your business, your customers are guaranteed to be entertained.

  1. Promote specials and sales

Like promoting your products or services, digital signage is a great way to draw the eye towards your specials or promotions. Whether in-store in a shopping centre or using our outdoor signage and targeting foot traffic and people passing in cars, digital signage can help you save on traditional, and often expensive, advertising to promote your sales.

  1. Educate customers about your business

Are you a new business or in a niche industry? Use digital signage to educate your potential customers about who you are and what you bring to the market.

  1. Highlight the work and success of your clients

Have you seen your clients celebrate success? Whether its awards won, growth or releasing a new product, celebrate the success of your clients while highlighting how you’ve assisted them.

Digital signage allows you to attract, educate, entertain and promote your products quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a way to build your client base, iCatcher Digital Signs has indoor and outdoor full colour and video signage, as well as sports signage and custom designed signs. Purchase or hire, iCatcher Digital Signs can help you grow your business.

Ian Erick