Educating Your Audience With Digital Signs

A digital sign is a powerful influencer and when the content is managed properly, it can play a key role in educating your audience.

Digital signs tell a story.  They inform people.  They deliver powerful, visually engaging experiences.  They provide useful, relevant information.  They’re an entertaining call to action.  They attract and entice customers, offer up new ideas and encourage people to try new products or services.

Whether it’s a compelling ‘not-to-be-missed’ promotion or discount displayed on a sign outside a shop, an interactive touch-screen menu at a self-service restaurant, a giant scoreboard at a stadium or a display inside a bank, a digital sign fulfils a vital function keeping customers entertained and informed.

In fact, there’s much more to a digital sign than meets the eye.

Smart operators know that they’re actually an important strategic resource.  By using the system’s capabilities to its full potential, they optimise their investment and provide an added-value service which enhances the customer experience.   For example, companies use digital signs to showcase products or services, introduce new ones and display product demonstrations – thereby educating customers, pre-empting queries and creating a compelling sales story.

Customer-focused messaging draws people in and builds confidence and trust among your target market.  And because messages can be generated in real-time from a laptop or mobile phone, content is always fresh, dynamic and relevant.

Businesses can instantly tailor their communications to meet their audience’s exact needs and there’s no time limit on when or how frequently information can be updated.  Digital signs work 24/7 which means they’re probably your hardest-working ‘employee’ and strategic communications expert!

Digital signs can be built in a wide range of full-colour designs, including indoor and outdoor options, double-sided, mobile or static, battery or solar-powered.  Whether installed in a retail outlet, hospitality venue, public space, community club or stadium, digital signage is an effective tool for educating viewers by delivering information in a compelling, fun and dynamic way.

If you’re looking for innovative ways of educating your customers about your Perth or WA business, you should have a look at the opportunities presented by digital signage.

iCATCHER is a leader in the field of digital signs in Perth and they can customise a solution for you that will be surprisingly affordable – and surprisingly effective.  Contact them on 0416 053 335 to discuss your business needs or visit to see their extensive range of custom-designed high-quality digital signs.