Choosing The Right Digital Sign For Your Business

Choosing The Right Digital Sign For Your Business 

In today’s competitive and cluttered commercial environment, it’s not easy getting your business to stand out.   

We’re bombarded with messages through the traditional media channels and inundated with advertising, special deals and offers through newer digital channels.   Most often, it’s a case of information overload and for a business, it can be challenging to break through all of that ‘noise’ and communicate a clear and compelling message. 

That’s where digital signage comes in.   

An LED digital sign creates a powerful, visually engaging experience that captures the attention of passing traffic, creates innovative in-store marketing opportunities and keeps visitors and spectators informed as well as entertained. 

The numbers prove it.   

Many businesses report that their revenues improved and awareness among their target audience increased significantly after they’d installed digital signage.   For example, Catalano’s Seafood experienced an immediate response after putting up a digital sign at their Perth premises, with sales doubling each week and a continued 5-10% growth after the 7th week. 

Having said that, digital signs are not all the same and for maximum impact and return on investment, it is important to choose the right product for your particular business.   

It’s not a case of ‘one-size-fits-all’ and each business has unique communication or promotional needs which require a unique approach.   

For example, a free-standing full colour sign displaying sequences of high quality stills or video sequences to highlight products, services and special offers is very effective outside a shop or public venue.   A restaurant, hotel or other type of hospitality venue would benefit from a roof-mounted digital sign to catch the attention of passing motorists.   

A sporting venue may want a custom-designed state-of-the-art scoreboard with a real-time messaging function.  These full-colour signs are all fully customisable and can be controlled from a laptop or mobile, putting the messaging power in the palm of your hand.   

The choices are endless but it is important that businesses choose the right product which meets their branding, communication and budget objectives.  It’s also important to choose the right digital signage company to ensure you get quality products and responsive after-sales service and maintenance. 

Look for a company that will work closely with you to develop a powerful, visually engaging and effective digital signage solution that meets your needs.  Look for one that has all the experience, the expertise and the common-sense to design, manufacture and install a quality product which makes a colourful, compelling and irresistible statement. 

Stand out from the crowd.  Cut through the clutter.  Make a bold, strong and stylish statement about your business.  Create something special that will catch the attention of your target audience and draw them in.  You can do all of this with the right digital sign for your business. 

Let iCATCHER Digital Signs in Perth work out the best solution for your operation.  Whether you’re in the retail, hospitality or entertainment industry – or simply a business that wants to engage with your customers and make a statement – iCATCHER will design, manufacture and install premium quality digital signs at a surprisingly low-cost. 

If you think your business could benefit from a powerful new promotional and communication medium, check out their wide range of digital signs at  You can also give their friendly professionals a call on 0416 053 335 to discuss your needs and find out which digital sign is right for your business.